Development of chemical intermediates with industrial chain thinking



Your product is my raw material, and my product is the raw material of downstream. This is chemical intermediates.

Your product is my raw material, and my product is the raw material of downstream. This is chemical intermediates.

Chemical intermediates are important raw materials for the production of chemical medicine, pesticides, dyes, pigments, rubber and plastic auxiliaries, flavors, fragrances, electronic chemicals and other fine chemical products. Global chemical intermediates have a wide range of applications, the rapid growth of each application area together to promote the growth of global demand for chemical intermediates, its long-term development space is promising.

Phosphate ore is an important chemical mineral resource with wide applications in agriculture, chemical, pharmaceutical, food, electronic information and other industries. Yichang's chemical industry has outstanding advantages, phosphate reserves account for 15% of the country, more than 50% of the province, phosphorus chemical revenue accounted for 12.4% of the country, 32.8% of the province. In recent years, the city's fine chemicals focus on the development of the entire industry chain, in the coal chemical industry, phosphorus chemical industry and other fields to actively expand intermediate products, pharmaceuticals, pesticides, food, electronics and other applications to obtain breakthroughs. But in the context of promoting the phosphorus chemical industry to high-end, refinement, recycling, green, international development, we also need to be based on resource advantages, bigger and stronger intermediates, and further extend the upstream and downstream industrial chain to form an advantageous industrial cluster effect and the core competitiveness of the market.

In the "fine" and "fine" on the deep plowing and fine work. Through synthesis, splitting, decomposition, catalysis, transformation and other chemical processes, chemical raw materials can produce miraculous changes, thus enriching the product categories of chemical intermediates. In recent years, the global chemical industry has been changing from rough production to fine production. Because of the high value-added, low pollution, low energy consumption and small batch size, fine chemical products have become the key development objects of the world and the giants of major chemical companies. We should take the professional park as the platform, take Xingfa, Yihua, Saning and a number of other enterprises as the leader, continuously extend the upstream and downstream industrial chain, and give birth to more and better fine chemical products.

Promote transformation and upgrading with scientific and technological innovation. Chemical intermediates are an important basis for the production of fine chemical products, and the rapid development of the global fine chemical industry has driven the growth of the global demand for chemical intermediates and the progress of production technology. The discovery of intermediates, production of intermediates, the use of intermediates, relying on science and technology to help, must implement collaborative innovation action, breakthroughs in industrialization of key core technologies, and the formation of modern chemical industry clusters. We should support the construction of innovation public service platforms, promote the realization of full coverage of key industrial chains, guide enterprises to increase investment in R&D, promote industrial enterprises above the scale to achieve full coverage of scientific research activities, support leading backbone enterprises to establish national and provincial R&D platforms, and support innovative enterprises in industrial chains to collaborate with universities, research institutes and upstream and downstream enterprises in technical research. Further improve the transformation mechanism of scientific and technological achievements, accelerate the transformation of innovative achievements, jointly promote the transformation and upgrading of the chemical industry, and achieve high-quality development of the fine chemical industry.